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We work closely with DeFi protocols, provide liquidity to them, solve their problems and improve their products, for one simple purpose: grow the DeFi ecosystem.
Scattered Coins

DeFi Option Protocols

We are the premier liquidity provider to major DeFi options projects. Besides being a reliable and trusted liquidity partner, we also share our product knowledge and provide technical and business advice to many DeFi projects.

Data Processing

Impermanent Loss Protection

Powered by advanced quantitative models, Orbit IL Protection product solves one of the biggest issues of the DeFi market. The product is simple, intuitive, yet provides a perfect and comprehensive hedge against the IL risk.


Staking Yield Swap

Inspired by interest rate swaps from TradFi, Orbit Staking Yield Swap allows stakers to swap variable staking rewards into guaranteed fixed rates. The product serves as an interest rate primitive for the DeFi ecosystem.

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