Our Solutions

Options are fast becoming a powerful tool for many in the crypto ecosystem to invest or to manage the risks. Currently the market is dominated by exchange-traded vanilla options which have many limitations, hence the need for more advanced OTC products and solutions. Our services include structuring, pricing, trading and market making.

Structured Products

  • Structured products are attractive alternatives to "buy-and-hold" strategies as they can be customized to match a wider variety of market expectations and risk profiles.

  • They can be tailored to investors' specific needs and targets combining capital protection, yield enhancement, participation and leverage.

  • Partnering with leading crypto financial services providers, OrBit designs and manages a wide range of structured products linked to major cryptocurrencies.

Exotic Options

  • Exotic options are more flexible than exchange-traded options in their payoff structures, expiries, strikes and underlying assets, allowing investors to express views in a more precise way.

  • They can be customized to fit investors’ specific views, risk appetite and budget, and are generally cheaper than comparable exchange-traded options.

  • OrBit offers an extensive suite of bespoke exotic options linked to major cryptocurrencies.